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Heirloom Market BBQ

Welcome to Heirloom Market BBQ in Atlanta, GA.

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Please scroll through all the information below (we have answered many 

of the frequently asked questions pertaining to catering deliveries). 

After reviewing all of the information, use the link below to assist you with your quote. 

Under the section where it asks for the event description,

enter your menu and your delivery address and we'll send you a proposal.

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We require a 48-hour notice to insure BBQ availability. 

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Group Menu: By the Pound (Sauce Included)

Our Catering staff is happy to work with you to get a menu together 

that will suit your needs, but we have provided some general serving information below.

1 pound of meat will feed about 2 people depending on how much variety your menu has. 

To feed larger parties we recommend no more than two pulled/sliced meats. 

Ribs, wings, and kielbasa are done by how many pieces you would like per person, and are 

in addition to the meat you will need for everyone to have a sandwich.

Brisket                                      $18
Pulled Pork                             $17
Spicy Korean Pork                $18

Smoked Turkey Breast      $16
Pulled Chicken                       $15

                                             Smoked Kielbasa                  $11 (12 pieces in a pound)
                                             Smoked Wings                       $11 (15 wings in a pound)
                      Full Rack                                   $24 (12 bones)
         Buns & Pickles                         $1 each

Side Items (Per Quart)           $15

All sides can feed 5-7 people per quart. 

Again, this depends on the amount of variety your menu has. 

Mac-N-Cheese, BBQ Beans,

Brunswick Stew, Collards, 

Korean Sweet Potatoes, Tofu, Traditional Slaw, 

Kimchi Slaw, Cucumber Radish Salad

Desserts Made from Scratch (Per Serving)

Banana Pudding                                                                                                       $3

    Assorted Cookies (Snickerdoodle,Chocolate Chip,Peanut Butter)   $1.50

Drinks (Per Gallon)

You can serve 10-12 people per gallon

Jasmine Sweet Tea                   $9

Jasmine Unsweetened Tea   $9
Lemonade                                    $9

Delivery radius from restaurant and minimum food subtotal required

0-3 miles:  $100

            4-5 miles: $150            

                   6-8 miles: $200                    

   9-11 miles: $250   

12-14 miles: $300

18% of your food subtotal will be added for delivery and set up. 

This includes your serving utensils, plates, cutlery, napkins, wire racks, sternos & water pans to keep your food warm up to 2.5 hours. Simply have a table and tablecloth ready and we'll handle the rest! 

Buffet service and clean up can be included for an additional charge.

Driver gratuity is optional and greatly appreciated, but not included in the setup and delivery fee.

If you have any further questions, email us at