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Heirloom Market BBQ

Welcome to Heirloom Market BBQ in Atlanta, GA.

Smoke and Mirrors


 Heirloom  Market is the smallest of places with the biggest of hearts. This chef  driven restaurant was designed with the idea of paying respect to iconic  BBQ food ways with the touch of our personal flavor. Chefs Cody and  Jiyeon decided to create Heirloom Market with one basic thought "What  can we enjoy doing for the next 10 years". We decided to cook to our  strengths. Simple, Classic, and Fresh are three adjectives that should  never be lost when providing such a polarizing cuisine as BBQ. Jiyeon, a  South Korean ex-pat, grew up with the flavors of grilled meats, pickled  vegetables, and a constant array of side dishes. Her culinary training  and travels in the states has led to a deep rooted love for "Seoul" food  or classic Southern cuisine. Cody (a Texas born, Tennessee raised,  Atlanta trained Chef) has spent countless hours cooking, eating, and  appreciating everything BBQ. Together they have created a place that  provides the best of "the things we eat on our days off." 

Chef Cody Taylor



Once  upon a trained cooks thyme, this hillbilly chef found a passion for  BBQ. Working in restaurants from the age of 15, Cody realized his  journey into food just begun. Now that his focus has been reached,  the pursuit of smoked meat perfection has become his hidden treasure.

Chef Jiyeon Lee



Passionate  chef's all have one thing in common...a story, past mixed with present,  that continues to shape a connection to food throughout their journey  into the culinary world. Jiyeon Lee's path into expressive ideas and  artistic flavors began on a stage that many strive to reach. At an early  age, Chef Jiyeon was a music senastion in her home country of South Korea,  rising to a level of stardom that she never expected. After recording  multiple hit albums, JiJi, as called by fellow chefs , decided to pursue  a new direction that utilized her creative aspirations and desire to  face new challenges. Cooking and learning Western food techniques  provided this medium, and she applied this passion into traveling and  working for the best restaurants and hotels she could find. A deep  connection to new found flavors was formed, but her desire to bring the  culture and heritage of Korea's cuisine to the forefront of the  gastronomical world only grew stronger. With this new goal pushing her  onward, Chef JiJi has begun to connect the past with her present.