Passionate chef's all have one thing in common...a story, past mixed with present, that continues to shape a connection to food throughout their journey into the culinary world. Jiyeon Lee's path into expressive ideas and artistic flavors began on a stage that many strive to reach. At an early age, Chef Jiyeon was a music senastion in her home country of South Korea, rising to a level of stardom that she never expected. After recording multiple hit albums, JiJi, as called by fellow chefs , decided to pursue a new direction that utilized her creative aspirations and desire to face new challenges. Cooking and learning Western food techniques provided this medium, and she applied this passion into traveling and working for the best restaurants and hotels she could find. A deep connection to new found flavors was formed, but her desire to bring the culture and heritage of Korea's cuisine to the forefront of the gastronomical world only grew stronger. With this new goal pushing her onward, Chef JiJi has begun to connect the past with her present.

ZUMA, Le Cordon Bleu, Repast, Eugene, 
Hotel St. Regis Atlanta, Sobban

 Heirloom Market BBq
 Jiyeon Lee
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